"I have been overwhelmed and humbled with the response to the “TAO OF HUMANITY” photograph. All the causes, voices, movements and personal expressions connecting in solidarity through this image gives me a sense of optimism for what lies ahead. I am excited to see this campaign continue and see how this image manifests according to the social demands of the day."

Alejandro Plesch, 11/8/2020. Lombok, Indonesia



Alejandro Plesch is an American photographer who has 30 years experience behind the lens. During the time when he was working towards a BA in International Political Economy from Colorado College,  he started getting published as a mountain sports photographer, documenting mountaineering, skiing and climbing exploits.


In 1993 he travelled to his mother’s ancestral homeland of Vietnam and rode the entire length of the country on a Russian Minsk motorcycle. He would later return again to the region, ending up in Phnom Penh, where he photographed for the AP the results of a contested election from the position of its opposition leaders.


It was Indonesia, however, which captivated the possibilities for exploration. His journey in Indonesia started by living for 2 years in one of the wildest regions of the archipelago, documenting the traditions and daily life of an isolated megalithic culture.


He then became involved in disaster relief and reconstruction efforts starting with USAID ATARP reporting in post tsunami Aceh. After the 2018 earthquakes that devastated Lombok, were he now lives, he organized donations and supplies to assist affected remote mountain hamlets.


In Bali, his base for many years, he operated a photo studio and shot for a variety of commercial and editorial fashion clients like Biasa and Harper’s Bazaar.


Yearning to tell stories again, he co-founded an online photozine FUMES which broadcasted human interest stories from South East Asia.  “My camera is a microphone”.


His photos are under license by Standard Chartered Global, The National Gallery of Italian Art, The South African Department of Education, The Associated Press and USAID.